Your help with all the logistics was so important and it is such a pleasure to work with you!


Dear Svetlana,
You are the one who makes all the events turn into reality and we thank you! The wedding ceremony last Saturday night was so very touching and wonderful and we thank you all the things that you coordinated and made happen on such short notice. (some things we didn’t even know were being provided!): the beautiful flowers, the photographer, the Katubah, the ceremony on C.D., the pictures on a C.D., the delicious wedding cake, etc. It all happened because you worked very diligently to make it all happen! We thank you so much for all your work and attention to detail. You are very appreciated by us!

Marilyn & Stephen.

Dear Svetlana –
Thank you for making Joshua’s Bar Mitzvah process such an easy one. Friends are still wondering how it was done so beautifully!

Best – Pam & Larry